So, what the heck is all this?

This is my "photoblog" or "photographic web log". It's where I like to put some of my favorite shots. Most of them are touched up, or cropped in Photoshop. However usually not very much. Lots of the photos you see here are my "experiments" with different techniques or simply great shots from my Yale Daily News assignments. I welcome any special assignments if you'd like a picture of something at Yale, and please feel free to post your thoughts about my photos. Check it out!

About the Photographer (Me!)

I'm a Freshman at Yale University. There's no clear date when I started doing photography, I guess I've always been interested. However I offically took photos for my school newspaper and Yearbook starting Junior year. After coming to Yale I started a photoblog to highlight some of my more interesting photos. In addition I am a photographer for the Yale Daily News. If your looking for more info about myself or Yale you can check out my written blog in the links section at right. Thanks for visiting and as always I welcome your comments!



Below is a list of some links relating to either myself or my photography:

  • - My personal website, currently a standard blog
  • VQ Website - The official website of the Viola Question, my improv group
  • - This is the application that runs this photoblog.
  • - Great site for sharing photos, best photo community online!
  • Yale Drama Coalition - A website I coded which is the hub for all theater information at Yale!

Additional Info

None at this time